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Please disregard below because it is now for historical reference only.

Network Groups
Although everyone on the Jewelry Network has an interest in "JEWELRY", we do not all have the same exact area of expertise.  
Many of us have a niche interest in a particular area of the jewelry industry.  For example, some members have an interest in jewelry design and others may have experience in the process of manufacturing jewelry.  Our goal is to help each member locate other members that have similar interests and similar work experience.  Therefore, the jewelry network has developed different groups within the network. 
Yes, we can add new groups for you. 
1)  Group Name : tell us the name you suggest for the group.
2)  Group Description : provide a few sentence description for your group.  If you can not think of one, that is fine, we can brainstorm together.
3)  Image : if you have a suggestion for an image to be used for the groups icon, please provide the image.
4)  Links : If you have suggestions of relevant websites that we should link to from the group, let us know. 
Please contact Apparel1 or ManicButterfly with the above information.

You can also e-mail the above information to and make it clear that you are suggesting a group to be added to the Jewelry Network website.

If you visit the jewelry groups section you will find a few groups that may be of interest to you.  If you do not, please suggest to us new groups.  As a member of the jewelry network, you are welcome to join any group that is of interest to you.  However, please only join the groups in which you have a specific interest.  Do not join groups simply for the sake of joining.  If we find that you are having discussions in the groups that are way off topic, you will risk being banned from the network.

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