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  Distribution Business Management Association:  Distribution Business Management (DBM) Association is a not-for-profit educational forum dedicated to global unification of universities and corporations for the purpose of studying and improving the science of distribution, logistics and supply chain management. DBM strives to bridge the gaps between corporations, individuals and knowledge with the ultimate goal of improving logistics management skills and the supply chain business.

  International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA):  IWLA is a trade association of warehouse logistics providers that helps members run high-quality, profitable businesses. IWLA focuses on the warehouse logistics business, providing ideas and information that make it easier for member companies to succeed.   Value-added warehouse logistics service providers. Their site is packed with useful information about warehousing, value-added services, logistics outsourcing and their Association. They hope you find IWLA to be a valuable resource.  

  Southeastern Warehouse Association: SWA is a close knit group of third party warehouse and logistic providers with the common goal of improving their competitive position through professional development.   SWA membership consists of approximately 160 members - warehousemen and associate members.   SWA members operate over 72 million square feet of high quality warehousing in the twelve southeastern states.  SWA members distribute a wide variety of products including appliances, chemicals, food and beverages, HAZMAT, paper, pharmaceuticals, and textiles.

  United Kingdom Warehouse Association: Established in 1944, when the Government of the day asked for representatives from warehousing companies to form a Committee to discuss the storage and distribution of food and materials in wartime Britain, the Association was originally known as the National Association of Inland Warehouse Keepers - a body formed to protect and further the interests of public warehouse keepers conducting businesses outside the major ports.  The overwhelming majority of UKWA's members remain third party warehousing and logistics services companies, or 3PLs as they are perhaps better known, but the move to widen the Association's membership eligibility means that UKWA is now truly representative of the wider supply chain community.   Their mission statement, "The UKWA offers a service to logistics service companies and any organisations that provide warehousing and other logistics support services in the supply chain. It does this by helping to establish a favourable operating environment, by providing a forum for discussion on non-competitive issues and by disseminating information to assist them in their business."

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