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Are you actually looking for ladies crochet swimwear?  Well, we hope you are because the reality is that you have found our page on the subject.  In this women's clothing section of the Apparel Search directory, you will find all sorts of interesting information regarding crochet swimwear for women.

Welcome to the worlds greatest guide to Women's Crochet Swimwear.

Crochet is a process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn , thread , or strands of other materials using a crochet hook .

The name is derived from the French term crochet, which means 'small hook'.  The primary difference between crochet and knitting, beyond the implements used for the production, is that each stitch in crochet is completed before proceeding with the next one, while knitting keeps a large number of stitches open at a time.

Swimwear is clothing designed to be worn by people engaging in a water-based activity or water sports, such as swimming, diving and surfing, or sun-orientated activities, such as sun bathing.

Crocheted swimwear can come in a wide variety of styles such as bikinis, one piece suits, monokini, bandeau, etc.

women's crochet swimwear

Portion of the swimwear or the entire garment can be crochet.  Keep in mind that this type of fabric can be revealing to say the least.

Consumers can use crocheting techniques to make their own swimsuits or purchase completed garments at a swimwear boutique, department store, or online.

You can also find amazing crochet cover ups.

More about crochet:

Crocheted fabric is begun by placing a slip-knot loop on the hook (though other methods, such as a magic ring or simple folding over of the yarn may be used), pulling another loop through the first loop, and repeating this process to create a chain of a suitable length. The chain is either turned and worked in rows, or joined to the beginning of the row with a slip stitch and worked in rounds. Rounds can also be created by working many stitches into a single loop. Stitches are made by pulling one or more loops through each loop of the chain. At any one time at the end of a stitch, there is only one loop left on the hook.

crochet fabrics

There are different types of crochet stitches including: chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet stitch, half double crochet stitch, and double crochet stitch.

Learn more about swimwear from a variety of fabric options in our products section.

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