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Originally meant for wealthy customers that could afford to vacation in a warm climate during the winter months.  This category of clothing was intended for women going on cruises (e.g. North Americans) or vacationing in the warm Mediterranean area (e.g. Europeans) during the winter months, resort or cruise collections offer light spring or summer clothing when the weather at the points of sale actually calls for winter apparel. 

The resort fashion collection are targeted at customers who have "finished buying their fall wardrobes and are looking ahead to vacations"

A resort wear collection or cruise collection is an inter-season or pre-season line of ready-to-wear clothing produced by a fashion house or fashion brand in addition to the recurrent twice-yearly seasonal collections - spring/summer and autumn (or fall)/winter.  Fashion designers often put their resort wear collections on display at the international fashion week events such as the fashion shows in New York, London, Paris, Milan, etc.

Women's resort wear is typically designed in fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, etc., that can offer a lightweight and breathable.  They are often characterized with a nautical or tropical island theme but that is not necessary to fit into the category.  From walking shorts, caftans and sandals, to full-length evening dresses function & comfort is important when selecting resort clothing.

Large hats, sunglasses, shorts, and open-toes shoes are popular choices for resort style clothing & footwear.  Swimwear is obviously also an important garment for these collections.

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