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We are not talking about what happens to you when you are returning home from work when it unexpectedly starts to pour rain.  A soaked business suit is different than a wetsuit for water activities.

A wetsuit is usually made of foamed neoprene, and is worn by surfers, divers, windsurfers, canoeists, and other women engaged in water sports.  A ladies wetsuit is a garment worn to provide thermal protection while wet.

One of the primary functions is to provide thermal insulation, but they may also assist with buoyancy and protection from abrasion, ultraviolet exposure and stings from marine organisms.  The insulation properties of neoprene foam depend mainly on bubbles of gas enclosed within the material, which reduce its ability to conduct heat. The bubbles also give the wetsuit a low density, providing buoyancy in water.

Women's Wetsuits

Women can find wetsuits that are stylish as well as engineered for performance.  Look for stretch & durability when selecting your garment.

Helpful features include a back-zip system for easy entry & exit.  Also go with a watertight seal.

Some additional features to consider:

Women's Wetsuit Brands of Interest:

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