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The educational information listed in this section has graciously been provided by the American Sheep Industry Association

Minor Breeds: Gulf Coast Native


Ram 145-180 lb.
Ewe 85-115 lb.


Micron 32-26
Spinning Count 58-48


Ewe 4-6 lb.


2 1/2 -4"

The Gulf Coast Native is the oldest type of sheep in the United States and has existed in the southern regions for several centuries. Their origin in unknown but descendants are of mixed breeding and developed largely through natural selection under semi-tropical range conditions. They are open-faced with white to brown color, small in size with refined skeletal structure, without wool on the legs and underline and produce lightweight medium-grade fleeces. They are very hardy and highly adapted to extensive management conditions in the humid sub-tropical climates that exist in the southeastern United States. They also have a unique innate tolerance to gastrointestinal parasites and will breed during the summer months.

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