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What is the difference between being a menswear buyer and a young men's buyer?  Style, baby, style! 

If you are seeking a position as a senior buyer of contemporary men's and boy's wear, Apparel Search recommends that you have at least two or three year's of experience in either men's shirts or casualwear (knitwear) first.  A background in men's clothing not only gives you the experience necessary to succeed in the young men's fashion arena, but also ensures that you have an eye out to the current trends.  Your passion for the changes in the young men's apparel market must be more than a passing interest.  Genuine interest and excellent taste will make you a hot commodity.  (Sort of like in dating)    

The young men's market is more reliant on fashion trends than the menswear department.  Not only should a young men's buyer, or teenwear buyer, as it may more accurately be described, be willing to comparison shop the market in order to target age groups and their trends with more accuracy, but he or she should also be capable of analyzing data regarding this market. 

Analyzing numerical data is a necessary evil in a purchasing position, and young men's buyer is no exception.  In order to make sales projections, deliver presentations, and follow the direction sales are headed, understanding the numbers is a basic requirement. 

Understanding the data will make working with the sales, administrative, accounting, design, manufacturing, and marketing teams a lot easier.  Effective communication skills are a must, as you will be working with many different departments and personalities in this position.  Your informed and organized approach to your work and your function within the organization makes a big difference in your communication with other departments.  Your informed communication and approach to your work, as well as your own enthusiasm (or initiative, or motivation whatever you want to call it) can make or break your ability to manage your own buying team.

Your communication and negotiation skills are going to come in handy when you get down to the nitty-gritty of negotiating with suppliers on price and delivery.  Negotiations will also be the order of the day when it comes time to set prices on products.

You also may be called upon to travel.  That's what we here at like to call a perk.  It does, however, require that you have the freedom to travel on short notice, which is not a luxury available to everyone.  If you have traveled before in a senior buying position, and still have the flexibility to travel, that will put you at an advantage for snagging a young men's fashion purchasing position.  (Oh we're talking clothing here is 'snag the wrong word?!?)

In fact, as a senior buyer of young men's apparel, you will follow the buying process from start to finish.  You will make decisions about expanding the categories of products to carry.  You will have to develop both short-term and long-term strategies for developing the range of products in order to meet sales objectives for your team.  You determine pre-season and in-season ordering of young men's fashion items, and then make sure that it gets where it needs to be in the hands of your stores and consumers on time.  You will also have a hand in getting the latest trends into the hands of young men who are as interested in the latest styles as you are, by working with a marketing/merchandising team to determine promotional strategies.

Your ability to balance many responsibilities at once is indispensable in this position.  So if you like juggling and prefer a fast-paced environment, this could definitely be the career for you.

Work in the fashion industry as a Young Men's Buyer.
Welcome to the young men's buyer job description section of the Apparel Search employment directory.  In this section of our guide we present information relevant to a career as a young men's buyer.  Although for many of our career descriptions we provide information that we have developed internally, a large portion of this section relies heavily on user input.  No one knows a career path better than someone that has actually worked in the particular position.  Therefore, we welcome members of the fashion community to submit their personal experience to this page.  Active members of the fashion industry are welcome to contribute to the job descriptions by using the comment area below.

If you have previously or currently work as a young men's buyer please add your insight to the community discussion.  Educators such as fashion school teachers and knowledgeable garment industry veterans are also welcome to comment.  Let's all work together to help educate the world about various fashion careers.  More specifically, let's education regarding this particular career path.

Please only post educational information or questions specifically relevant to the job of a young men's buyer.
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