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Antex Knitting Mills is a vertical knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing company established in Los Angeles in 1973. The company produces approximately 1.5 million yards of fabric per week. Its traditional business is to provide fashionable knitted fabrics to the junior, contemporary, and children's markets. The Antex knitting department consists of 300 high-speed, multi-feed, state-of-the-art machines. The equipment, ranging from 14 to 38 cut machines, provides the capabilities to produce a wide range of fabrics. Address: 3750 S. Broadway Pl. Los Angeles, CA 90007 Telephone (323) 232-2061 Fax (323) 233-7751
In addition to fabric they provide the following services:

Wet printing on cellulosic Fibers (reactive dyes, resist and discharge), Wet printing on polyamide fibers (acid dyes for swimwear), Wet printing on polyester fibers (disperse dyes), Pigment printing (all fibers)

Finishing: Sueding Sanding Brushing Stain Release Moisture Management Water Repellent Anti-Microbial UV Protection Flame Retardant

  • Interlocks
  • Jerseys
  • Ribs
  • Thermals
  • Yarn-dyed stripes
  • Fleece
  • French Terry
  • Novelties (single/double)



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