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Fashion Designers are interesting creatures ... They are often considered to be creative, interesting, and innovative.  However, some of them are a bit egotistical and temperamental as well.  Combining the good and the bad, designers are special indeed.  In this section, we present various fashion designers that we believe are of interest to the fashion industry.  You are welcome to use this page to learn about Elsa Peretti or use the search engine to view other designers of interest.  Enjoy...

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Apparel Search guide to Elsa Peretti photos, Elsa Peretti fashion videos, Elsa Peretti designer news, Elsa Peretti style blog posts and more. If you are interested in fashion and style, you will be interested in Elsa Peretti.

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Elsa Peretti, born in Florence, is the youngest daughter of Nando Peretti (1896-1977), a distinguished business man who built Anonima Petroli Italiana (API) into one of the leading Italian oil companies. She was educated in Rome and Switzerland. Elsa's outspoken personality, intolerant of the conventions of her milieu, led her to seek a different approach to life. This search marked her restless youth, during which she lived in many different countries. Two places are particularly significant to her: Barcelona, where she undertook a career as fashion model, and New York, where she started what was to become her main activity: designing.

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In the opinion of Apparel Search, fashion should be designed with a few primary concepts in mind.  The garments should be glamorous, practical, comfortable, stylish, and in the right weight and color.  If designers follow these rules they will present only sumptuous and striking fashion...

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