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At the Beverly Hilton

What did we see off-runway that tickled our editorial fancy?  Well, firstly the altruistic generosity of Trilogy Spa (you give us a massage, we'll write a glowing report!!) for personally calling every credentialed press attendee and inviting them for some downtime.  We enjoyed a skin-soothing hand massage, the innovative cellulite laser technology (my waistline has never been so trim) and friendly, invigorating conversation.  A fellow editor from Trendspotting NY accompanied us for the hot stone massage and literally fell asleep during the healing treatment.  A welcome respite from all that ails during Fashion Week.  See more at

Next we previewed the new footwear collection from Chinese Laundry with design assistant Paul DiLena.  Our favorites include high cork wedges with python details (always love high-low fashion statements), runway-inspired leopard peeptoes and clever usage of must-have menwear tweed and boucle.  Choose your own at

A true standout is the avant garde collection by Linda Loudermilk who debuted during Fashion Week LA last season with her high-tech eco-friendly couture.  Aiming to revolutionize the clothing industry by fusing recycled fabrics, advanced technology and cutting-edge styling that turns the crunchy granola environmentalist cliche on its head, this fashion diva is well on her way.  Each piece in this collection is ravishing, daring and runway-worthy.  Need we say more?  Make your own statement and check out

When poking your head into a hotel suite is not enough, sometimes you need to be lassoed and dragged in to see a new collection.  That's what happened as we encountered the unstoppable Lori Seliger from Bootzwalla, pioneering her fuzzy faux-fur legwarmers to NHT (next hot thang) devotees in Los Angeles.  We took a peek and were admittedly intruiged by her provocative marketing materials, dynamic vignetted displays and the quality of her cozy fabrications.  Get your own at

Then, feeling the need for further self-indulgence we detoured to sister laboratories Klorane and Furterer from Paris, to score valuable insider tips about the world of natural ingredients and skincare predating the invention of harsh chemicals.  There, we rediscovered the European favourites of our mothers leave-in Okara conditioner for our highlighted tresses (face it, who's aren't?) made with soy and wheat, long known for their revitalizing properties.  At Klorane we received the new Cornflower smoothing eye patches, using the ancient extracts of arneca, camomile and cornflower to sooth tired skin and promote healing.  A dry shampoo, which I swear my grandmother used, is now their top-selling product.  And judging from the smart packaging, I know it's reaching a whole new demographic.

Denim newcomer Jelessy plied us with presskits, yummy lipbalm and muchos photos of the super-skinny and super-famous wearing their ultrahip threads.  Revolutionizing the jeanswear industry with a brazen assortment of 40 shades and a veritable Willie Wonka wank-off of 26 candy colors, designer Steven Shaul couldn't pace himself to just stop there.  Now he's inked a deal with The Kabbalah Centre to carry a licensed collection of vintage-style tops with images from the Jewish tradition.  Now that's a divine merger of spirituality and commerce

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Design Studio

Review written by Debra Stevenson & Photographs by Carlos Alberto


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