How to Tie a Bow Tie
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How to Tie Bow Tie Steps
How to Tie Bow Ties

Learn about men's bow ties.

Below is an additional way to explain the method of tying a bow tie.  If above did not work well for you, try the follow Bow Tie Tying Instructions:

Bow Tying Steps

1. Start with the bowtie lying face up (as pictured above).

2. Move A to the right side, across B (over the top of B).

3. Bring A under B and up through the neck loop.

4. At the joint, fold B towards the right and then towards the left to create a the bow shape.

 5. Bring A straight down over the middle of the bow shape that was made with B.

6. Fold A back towards the chest and pinch the fold.

7. Push the pinched end of A through the loop behind B.

8. Pull on the folded parts of the bow to tighten.

9. Adjust until the bow is balanced on both sides.

If you are still confused about how to tie a bow tie, we suggest you watch some of the how to tie a bow tie videos on YouTube.

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