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fashion directory  Atam Associates Pvt. Ltd. (India): Atam Associates is a leader in the label industry their services, facilities and machinery are yours for cost-saving, prompt design, production and delivery.  Address:  Plot No. 12, Sector-3 Parwanoo 173 220  India  Phone: 91-1792-32532 or  91-1792-33145 Fax:  91-1792-33176 Email:   Contact:   Sudharma Jain

fashion directory  ATL Sourcing: a family-owned business going strong for over a quarter century, is a name you can trust to handle all of your brand identification needs.  Prepared and versatile, they produce and deliver an array of high quality products to help make your company a household name. Recently, they moved their corporate headquarters to Coral Springs, Florida, also shortening their name to ATL Sourcing. They are a company that is growing with the times and taking advantage of the global network of their technological society. On top of fashion trends and the consumer pulse, they create labels, hangtags, stickers, patches, and other indicators of brand identity to fit your needs.  While the majority of their clients are garment manufactures, they also produce for retailers, museums, chemical companies, record labels and more. At ATL, they treat every client and every order as a top priority. Their attention to customer service is unmatched in the industry, which is why many of their customers have been with them for decades. Handling top companies like Ralph Lauren and Bill Blass to small, independent designers, they are veterans in the field for which no order is too large or too small.  Address:  5411 N University Drive Suite 101 Coral Springs, FL 33067   Phone: (866)  Tell ATL or  NY (212) 658-9400  Fax:  (954) 341-2228  Email:  Contact: Michael Anderman, President

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Hang Tags
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Barcode Tags
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Patches (Woven/rubber/metal)
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Labels (Printed/woven)
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Stickers (Paper/fabric)
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: Barcode stickers
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: Iron-On Labels
  • Manufacturer Item # 8: Label fabric
  • Manufacturer Item # 9: Lanyards
  • Manufacturer Item # 10: Heat Transfers
  • Manufacturer Item # 11: Packaging
  • Manufacturer Item # 12:  PVC Labels

fashion directory  BCI: Premier manufacturer of: clothing labels, woven labels, fabric labels, Iron on labels and heat transfers allow clothiers to adhere their labels directly to clothing.  Tagless transfer labels are applied using a heat press, however you can also use a household iron set on high or cotton setting. Simply pass over the logo (logo is on paper which you iron down on fabric of choice). Pass over for a few seconds till the transfer liquifies, allow to cool, peel back paper.  

fashion directory  Finotex: Finotex is a vertically integrated label manufacturing company offering locally produced brand recognition products. As the largest woven and printed label producer in the Western Hemisphere and rapidly growing in Asia , it has become the packaging partner of choice for the top names in the apparel manufacturing industry. The company combines a multinational presence and quick delivery with precise and relentless attention to detail. Its manufacturing facilities are located in USA , Mexico , El Salvador , Guatemala , Honduras , Nicaragua , Dominican Republic , Haiti , Colombia , Peru , Hong Kong and China . Within its product portfolio you will find: woven and printed labels, ribbons, heat transfers on rolls and single pieces, hangtags and paper packaging, as well as brand protection products. ISO 9001:200 Certified. Address: Finotex USA6942 NW 50 St. Miami , FL 33166 USA Tel: 1.800.786.0007 Contact:  

  • Care Label Manufacturer
  • Woven & Printed Garment Label Manufacturer
  • Heat Transfers (Tagless Labeling) / Iron-on Labels
  • Hangtags & Price Tickets
  • Tapes & Ribbons
  • Thermal Printing Bureau
  • Security Labels
  • PVC Labels & Patches

fashion directory  It's Mine! USA: It's Mine! USA is a supplier of quality custom clothing woven labels. The iron-on or sew-on embroidered labels are available in a wide selection of designs and background and thread colors. Available in increments of 100.  These labels are ideal for small clothing and accessories businesses, crafters and for personal use. It's Mine! USA also supplies one of the largest selections of iron-on labels including their popular unique Letter Transfers. Address: P.O. Box 242, Sharon, CT 06069 USA Telephone: (866) 695-2235 Fax: (866) 522-3532  E-mail:  

  • Iron On Labels
  • Clothing Labels
  • No-sew Labels

fashion directory Our 2'x 1/2' permanent iron-on & sew-on labels for garment I.D. are great for camp, school, long term care facilities. The labels are printed in washproof ink on a tough cotton polyester material that you can iron onto garments in seconds. The labels come to you as a sheet with perforations between them so you can easily tear off as you need them and iron or sew them on.  This company Manufacturers and Retails the labels.  Address:  20 Tanglewood Trail Thornhill, Canada L3T6T9  Phone: 905.764.0957 Fax: 905.771.0348 Toll Free: 1.86.MY.LABELS Email:   StoreType: Online Retailer: Retail Category: Specialty

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