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What is a printed label?  Well, we are NOT talking about address labels...

The labels that we are referencing in this section are the printed labels that are attached to clothing.  We are not talking about labels such as ASN labels, UPC labels etc.  The printed labels in this section are garment labels such as brand labels and care labels. 

Do you know what we mean when we say brand label?  The brand labels are on the inside or outside of a garment and display the brand name of the clothing.   Example of popular brand names...

Do you know what we mean when we say care label?  The care labels are utilized to show the garment size, care instruction (washing instruction), and fiber content details for the garment.  Learn more about care labels.

Both the brand label and the care label, can be printed.

Often when discussing clothing labels their are two primary label choices.  One choice is woven labels and the other is printed labels.  When dealing with printed labels, you have several choices of base fabric.  For example, you can find printed satin labels, printed velvet labels, printed cotton labels, printed twill labels, printed canvas labels, printed nylon, printed reflective labels etc.  These printed labels can come in an assortment of shapes, sizes and finishes.

Printed labels generally have excellent detail (unless you use a not so good label manufacturer...).  Printers can typically produce custom labels with very complex design.  If done properly, the printed labels will maintain a soft hand for comfort against the skin.

You can find printed label factories in our garment trimming directory.

Learn about wash care labels; they are often printed...


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