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What is a woven clothing label?  

Woven labels are typically produced on high speed looms.  Basically, a woven label is produced using a weaving process.  Although they are all produced by weaving, not all weaves are of equal quality.  You will find in the market that you can purchase various qualities of woven brand labels for your garments.  You will find high definition labels made from damask.  You can also purchase woven satin labels, and woven taffeta labels.

Satin Woven Labels are often produced using an automated high speed single needle and broad looms.  This will produce a soft and lustrous final product.  Most label manufacturers can match nearly any color you choose to have woven.  You can ask your label manufacturer about monofilament layered satin, regular satin, or reverse satin.  You may also find other questions for them as well...

Tafetta labels are typically woven with a lower density thread which provides good durability at a lower price then a satin label or a damask label. 

Damask labels are typically more expensive them tafetta weave or satin weave.  These are produced with fine thread and on high speed machinery.  This process uses a maximum amount of thread to create a tight and durable look that will appear similar to a printed label.  The woven label is more beneficial then printed label in the fact that the label should outlast its printed counter part.  In my opinion, if price of the label is not your concern, the damask may be the way to go.

When selecting a woven label you will want to discuss with your label factory the shape of the label as well.  You will want to consider center fold labels, mitre fold labels, strait cut or fuse cut labels, end fold labels, die cut labels etc.  Also, you will want to check with your sewing contractor if they want the labels pre-cut or delivered on rolls.

You can find woven label factories in our clothing manufacturers directory.  In that section you will also find care labels and other trimming components needed when producing clothing.  Learn more about woven labels from the label definitions page.

You may want to also learn about damask fabric which can be used for making woven garment labels.


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