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The tag free label is heat transferred onto clothing or fashion accessories using a heat press.  This heat press process is why technically it is called a Heat Transfer label. Basically, the heat and pressure of the press helps transfer the markings to the garment. Heat transfer labels are also called tag less labels or sew free / stitch free labels because the heat transfers bypass the stitching or sewing work. 

Most garment factories and apparel manufacturers are using the woven / stitch labels which are sewed onto the clothes. When place on shirts (typically sewn into the back neck area) the woven labels can cause a tickling or itching sensation.  When consumers are itching from labels, they are certainly not happy consumers.

The heat transfer labels or tagless labels are aimed at giving "tag free comfort" to people purchasing product.  For the last few years there is a significant shift towards tag free garments. Most seen in underwear, sleepwear, and t-shirts.  More and more manufacturers of clothes in many countries are now moving or have moved from regular woven labels or embroidered labels to tag free heat seal labels. This is certainly a growing trend in the apparel industry.

Some suppliers of heat transfers print the labels on a high quality polyester film.


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Heat Transfer Labels are also on occasion referenced as Heat Seal Labels.

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