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Busigiovanni  (Italy): manufacturer of single cylinder sock machinery. Machinery has toe closing device.

Colosio  (Italy) Cesare Colosio is a renowned hosiery machine building company.

Sangiacomo SPA (Italy): SANGIACOMO SPA has been for the last 50 years a leader in producing men and children socks knitting machines. In 1984 enters the seamless market, confirming its commitment in researching and developing new technologies on the basis of an increasing customer care. In June 2004 SANGIACOMO joined the Lonati Group and started important synergies concerning technologies and machine improvement. SANGIACOMO is proud of its wide range of machines: single cylinder for men and kid's socks with the option of installing the last toe closing device, the CLASSIC LINKING; seamless knitting machines for the production of underwear, nightwear, outwear, swimwear and sportwear. Thanks to its experience and to the personalization of the end-product, SANGIACOMO proposes itself as a technological partner on which to create the future of your company.

Santoni (Italy) Santoni was born in 1919. By then it was the very first socks and pantyhose machines manufacturer at all. In 1988 Santoni joined the prestigious Lonati Group, world-wide leader in the production of machines for men socks and women stockings. For the last 15 years Santoni has created and produced, thanks to the research and developmentof a highly sophisticated technology, 14 different model of electronic circular knitting machines for "Seamlesswear", synonymous with fashion in evolution.

Vatek (Korea): Korean manufacturer of computerized sock and hosiery knitting machines.

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