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Fix Wash (Repair wash) Fix color to garment, repair crocking, remove fugitive dye from fabrics, etc.

Learn more about fabric finishers and textile finishing processes.  You may also want to join the fabric and textile group on the Fashion Industry Network to discuss the topic of fabric finishing.  In that group you are welcome to discuss textile finishes, textile finishing processes, etc.

  Laundry Specialties: Laundry Specialties is a commercial laundry which specializes in processing garments for the apparel industry. Some of the services they provide are: Garment Washing, Enzyme Washing, Stone Washing, Bleaching (Denims Etc.), Fix Wash (Crocking Etc.) and Silicone Wash.  They also provide rework services & packaging. Contact Richard or Chuck Address: 431 N. Jordan Street Allentown, PA 18102 Phone: 610-351-3860 Fax: 610-770-1785 

  Magna Cleaners Inc (Pennsylvania): Magna Cleaners provides commercial laundry service to a variety of clientele. Their facility is equipped with the latest washing, drying and finishing equipment. They process everything from bulk commercial laundry down to single piece sample lots. They also provide garment washing, enzyme washing, stone washing, bleaching (Denims Etc.), fix wash and silicone wash. They also do rework services & packaging.  Address: 361 W. Gordon St. Allentown P.A 18102 Phone: 484-894-8906 E-mail:  Contact: Al Fodero 


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