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Did you see that clothing line with the 9s on it? Where it comes from?. These are the many questions that have been asked, but the fact of the matter is that those 9s are actually 3 lower case "g"s. It represents the name of the line: Gino Green Global. Gino Green Global has been around for quite some time, from their small offices in Long Island to the newly developed showroom on 7Th Ave. They're creating a buzz within the fashion industry due to their guerrilla street marketing tactics. Many known rappers have been spotted wearing the brand, from the infamous 50 cent at the VMA's to Busta Rhymes appearance on BET's 106 and Park. The strong marketing campaign brought attention to all the buyers at the Magic Show in Vegas, generating millions in orders and the demand for expansion. They re's a history behind the line, their not new to the game, and the guys at Gino Green Global want you to know their here to stay, so be prepare to see more of the lower case "g's".
Gino Green Global fashion image

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