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Fashion Article Posted September 11, 2007


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, the new junior and girls fashion brand with a focus on the Hispanic market, launches its website www.ropapalomita.com or www.palomitaclothing.com . The website is creative, fun and a vibrant reflection of the brand. The home page features a
(stand) with colorful icons that link to the various pages: shopping, home, press and more.  The launch coincides with the launch of the brand at JCPenney.

Por fin una marca para ti

Finally a brand for you
) is the company's tagline, reflecting its role in offering apparel that is focused on the Hispanic market.  The initial offering is narrow and Palomita
has plans to significantly expand the line for Spring 2008.   

features designs from fruit drinks of Pascual Boing
, clothing detergents such as Zote
and Roma
, the iconic puppet mouse Topo Gigio
and confections from Canels
and Casa Luker
. Additional nostalgic brands and logos are gradually being acquired from all over Latin America.
It took a while to get this site right; we wanted to make the shopping experience playful and unique, yet functional
says Molly Robbins, founder of Palomita. 
We look forward to adding more products and really catering to our Latino customer.

About Palomita

Palomita was created by Molly Robbins,
a Mexico City native as well an apparel industry veteran.  She has secured exclusive rights to use trademarks and vintage art from an array of Latino companies, and artistically incorporates them into the Palomita brand. In 2006, Molly signed an agreement with Wish Licensing for the manufacture and distribution of junior and girls
tops and sleepwear. Palomita's distribution will range from mass-market to select and specialty stores nationwide.  

, the
brand to Palomita, will be launched in spring 2008.  Chucho will focus on more masculine designs and feature products ranging from cement companies and tire manufacturers to beverages and confections. The brand will also host iconic characters such as Topo Gigio and entertaining concepts appealing to the young man and boy who enjoys casual clothing and has an adventurous spirit. 

For more information visit: www.ropapalomita.com


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