Hartmarx Tailored to Upscale in 2007
Fashion Article Posted September 21, 2007


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As 2007 nears an end, their continued focus is to "journey upscale", by delivering style and value to well-defined customer groups who represent the top tier of their respective markets.

As a diversified apparel holding company, they are driving progress in every one of their product categories, from high-profile, branded men's tailored clothing, dress furnishings and sportswear, to contemporary and sophisticated womenswear.  Their steady progress in the to journey to supply upscale fashion enables Hartmarx to march upward with approximately 75 percent of their expected revenues now positioned to serve the luxury or bridge-to-better apparel markets.

The rest of their offerings are focused on the upper ends of either the mainstream or moderate retail channels. Collectively, these products make Hartmarx a dynamic and highly successful U.S. apparel enterprise with a growing global presence.

Lets all keep our eyes on Hartmarx.

Hartmarx Announced Acquisition of Upscale Sportswear
Fashion Article Posted August 16, 2007

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