Fashion Creativity Raising Public Awareness Against Unhealthy Slimming in Germany
Fashion Article Posted August 20, 2008 

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German Federal Health Minister Ulla Schmidt and the Igedo Company recently presented the
National Charter of the German Textile and Fashion Sector
. The Igedo Company is renowned as the organizer of the Igedo Fashion Fairs D'sseldorf, Germany . Together with the German Fashion Association, the German Fashion Institute (DMI) and the Association for Licensed Model Agencies (VELMA), the Igedo Company composed the charter as part of the German federal government's initiative
Life has Weight
Together against the Slimming Obsession

The German textile and fashion sector's goal is to raise public awareness about a healthy body image and demonstrate that fashion creativity can go hand in hand with a positive and healthy body image.

Today we are sending out a signal in the fight against the unhealthy slimming obsession. The
National Charter of the Textile and Fashion Sector
is a milestone. Three major associations and one trade fair organizer in the fashion industry are sending out a clear sign against unnatural and unhealthy body images,
commented Federal Health Minister Ulla Schmidt.
With the charter, the German fashion sector demonstrates its social responsibility. I am delighted that the charter consists not only of a declaration but also very specific recommendations. I invite all interested parties in the textile and fashion sector to participate in this joint campaign and to sign the charter.

With each individual signature, the German fashion sector will make its mark in the coming months, even though the frequently cited problem of
anorexic models
does not really exist in Germany in that way,
explained Frank Hartmann, Managing Director of the Igedo Company.
By signing the charter, all signatories acknowledge their social responsibility. The aim is to generate a change in mindset amongst children, teenagers and adults towards the current ideals of beauty. We must and want to set a good example.

The Igedo Company already has very specific measures in place. For instance, different body images were featured in the fashion shows during the Igedo Fashion Fairs in July, with so-called
fashion having their own fashion show and becoming a firm fixture at the trade fairs. In addition, the Igedo Company will continue its policy of booking models with a body mass index of considerably more than 18.5 and at least 16 years of age. Also, the Igedo Company actively promotes the charter in the industry: to its exhibitors at the trade fairs and separately from the trade fairs at all appropriate events.

The Igedo Fashion Fairs D'sseldorf are among the most important fashion trade fairs worldwide. The next event will take place from February 1
3, 2009 in D'sseldorf , Germany . Visit for more information.

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