Allison Moses Jewelry Differs From The Rest
Fashion Article Posted August 21, 2008 

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While growing up in NYC Allison Moses saw both the challenges and rewards of pursuing a life doing what she loves "creating". At the tender age of 10 she began making and selling beaded jewelry: it was then she realized that this passion could become her life.

Her precollege experience at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design gave Allison the confidence to believe in herself and her work, ultimately enabling her to pursue her dream. While pursuing a graphic design degree at American University, Allison also attended the Fashion Institute of Technology during summer breaks and traveled to Florence, Italy for six months to study art history.

Working only when she is truly inspired, Allison's designs reflect her inner beauty. Having the ability to foresee her creation before dipping her paintbrush or sketching a design is what makes her such a gifted and talented artist.

What makes Allison's jewelry differ from the rest is that there truly something for everyone. From simple more classical pieces, to youthful and urban looks, Allison's line transcends generation barriers and offers one of kind pieces to satisfy the most varied of tastes.

All of Allison's pieces are handmade in her Westchester home. Her signature style includes the antique gold and variety of enamel pieces which can be seen in magazines such as Lucky, In style, and Elle. Allison's designs don't end there, she is also known for her fabulous cocktail rings. To see Allison's designs you can log on to her website,

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