Ritzy Rags Las Vegas' Fashion Secret
Fashion Article Posted December 1, 2008  

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Look like a million... You can afford it at Ritzy Rags - Great designer fashions at remarkable savings

With prices for nearly everything spiraling out of control, it's hard to think about spending on anything but necessities. But, successful Las Vegans know that looking great is a necessity, and they've got a secret.

Ritzy Rags is tucked in a small center, just off Sahara, not so far from the strip. It's the trick some very-well known names in Las Vegas rely on to stay looking great, without breaking their budget.

"When the economy's tough, even the wealthiest Las Vegans try to keep down the cost of staying stylish," whispers Pam Linder, Ritzy Rags founder and fashion maven. "We make it possible to look fantastic, even with prices escalating all around us."

Linder knows all the angles it takes to make Ritzy Rags affordable. She shops carefully to find spot-on styles and trends; from designer "clothes-outs" (some fresh from top stores on the Strip) to seldom, if ever, worn consignments from the city's most luxurious closets.

Ritzy Rags' shoppers see racks of fashion's biggest-name labels - clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry - in a cozy, boutique setting, where Pam Linder presides as their personal shopper. You won't always see every size, every style or every color, but, Ritzy Rags always delivers spectacular deals you won't find anywhere else but there.

And, since Ritzy Rags is constantly changing, customers visit all the time, checking in with Pam and her staff, never knowing what remarkable finds they might snag for a fraction the price they'd pay elsewhere.

Come see why so many Las Vegans can still afford to look so good. You'll quickly know why Ritzy Rags is a best-kept secret local insiders love, and a hot spot smart Vegas visitors check every trip to town. Ritzy Rags is located at 2550 S. Rainbow Blvd. #W3, Las Vegas 89146.

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