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Fashion Article Posted December 8, 2008 

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Since 12 years offers the service of collected news in a Trendletter by email. The difference to RSS and the mobile site by Fashionoffice is the thematic connexion. The editorial policy of the tri-weekly Trendletter is to collect news after selected themes which become obvious in the Trendletter.

"The editorial strategy is important for the understanding of contemporary fashion which has to be read like contemporary art; even if the readers don't recognize the strategy at the first moment. The articles on the headline site of are chosen after selected themes such as the influence of religion on fashion, gothic and fashion, femininity in art ... The positive effects of 'thematic bundles' are: the understanding for themes like 'Organic Expression' grows which enhances as a consequence the meaning of each article of the 'thematic bundle'," publisher Dr. Karin Sawetz.

Since 1996 publishes exclusively online editorial content about fashion, art and beauty as social determinants with a strong focus on gender related aspects including women as well as men.

"We are monitoring the interdependencies of fashion and society; but exclusively the good looking," Dr. Karin Sawetz.

Check out the current Trendletter with the main theme "Sportive Adventures" and the letters from the last weeks with titles such as "Religion and Fashion, Organic Expression", "Art about Femininity, Art on Shirts" ... at


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In 2008 celebrates international top-relevance in the category fashion through 12 years. With the anniversary-search of in their oldest available index (January 2001) you will find out that the magazine ranked with the mother of all Fashionoffice channels on the 3rd place of about 6,840,000 results for  fashion . Today, the magazine is still on the first site of 450,000,000 results on worldwide searches for fashion ; although is not a partner in Google's ad network for placement-targeting.

Founded in 1995 with the extensive FashionAvigator -study about fashion online, Fashionoffice was in 1996 one of the first fashion magazines exclusively published online. Soon the magazine has established special channels about fashion, art, luxury and beauty and received several prizes such as the Angel of Fashion Award in 1996.

Probably one of the reasons why Fashionoffice has gained this top Google position over so many years is that it is not a loveless copy of a printed edition and has never followed the idea to become a copy of a traditional magazine; Fashionoffice is an authentic online magazine, born of the internet with all the features we love the media for: text, image, video, music, interaction,
publisher Dr. Karin Sawetz assumes about the success of Fashionoffice.

About Dr. Karin Sawetz, founder and publisher of, is journalist, media researcher and fashion scientist:

Karin Sawetz has a diploma from a higher-level secondary college for the fashion and clothing industry. She was awarded with the first prize for her design of the male work trousers for the OMV filling stations (OMV is Central Europe's leading oil and gas group) - the design has been realised. Before and while studying for the diploma she was designer for her own label, which she has presented international. Beneath her studies at the University of Vienna she worked as costume designer for theatre and film, was civil servant at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics (Department Fashion & Textile Industry),.

After she has finished her studies at the Institute for Journalism and Communication Sciences, the Institute for Film-, Theatre- and Media-sciences, the Institute for Philosophy at the University of Vienna, and the Institute for Artistic Sciences, Art Education and Communication, Department for Cultural and Intellectual History, at the University of Applied Arts, she was lecturer at the University of Vienna (online market research) and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, published scientific studies,.

In the last years she focused her work on as an international magazine and organization for intercultural approaches in fashion and art.

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