Touch of Pink Public Relations Emerges
Fashion Article Posted November 1, 2008 

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Brooklyn has a new freelance public relations firm called Touch of Pink Public Relations. Started by Jordanna Stephen in May, the firm is the newest answer for emerging designers and fashion-based companies who want to stand out amongst the competition. The firm is looking for new clients who want to emerge in this industry successfully.

It's hard for new designers or new companies to get noticed. The industry is so bombarded with a lot of great talent and sometimes the new great talent can get buried underneath the stack. I love it when I can help pull the new talent out from the bottom and get editors to take notice, states Jordanna, President of Touch of Pink Public Relations. The firm might be fairly new itself, but the owner herself is not new to the industry. Graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BS degree in Advertising and Marketing, Jordanna has experience in everything from fashion journalism to special event planning and marketing, to her specialization, public relations. She has built, and continues to build, lasting relationships with those in the industry. She keeps her pulse on all the current trends and stays on top of where the media shift is turning.
It's not all about being printed in glossy magazines and standard press releases. The media trend is changing. It's about e-mails, social networking sites, high-ranking blogs, etc. The methods of PR are the same, it's just the venues are changing and in order to be successful you have to keep up.

Understanding that emerging designers and companies don't have big budgets, but still want the luxury service that PR can bring, Jordanna works within any budget.  My dream is to help someone achieve their dream. I try to be fair and reasonable when it comes to my fee because I know if you're just starting out, you're profits also reflect that.

Touch of Pink Public Relations not only works with personal clients, but also lends their services to other PR agencies in need of an extra pair of hands. If an agency is understaffed, but has a big client roster, they can hire me as an independent contractor to help take on clients that might otherwise be neglected. The client still remains under that agency and gets the extra time and attention that maybe the publicist couldn't offer, states Jordanna. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out, or you're an established agency, Touch of Pink Public Relations is there to add its special touch to your talent, which totals success.

About Touch of Pink Public Relations

Touch of Pink Public Relations is a boutique freelance PR firm catering to emerging designers and businesses in the fashion industry. It's hard for newcomers to announce their arrival. Touch of Pink PR steps in and thinks outside the box so its clients don't get stuck inside one. Understanding that PR is more than just write-ups in newspapers and magazines, and working with any budget, Touch of Pink's creative flair will make sure its clients stand out amongst the crowd. It's time to emerge successfully.

Contact: Jordanna Stephen P: (646) 642-3647 F: (718) 743-2819  


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