Fashion's New Mantra: Politically Driven
Fashion Article Posted November 11, 2008 

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As fashion trendsetters, female political candidates will have a new influence on fashion while becoming the new icons. We will see a new look ahead. With women standing forward in politics this could be a return to the classics, while drawing a fresh new distinctive style. What could that distinction be? Possibly a modernized version of the classics, with the focus on simple feminine lines; the opposite of frivolous, shabby, or funky. A chic, deliberate, confident, sophisticated, smart sense of self should prevail. The woman of today must be prepared to face greater conflicts, set new precedents, and this shall reflect in the new look.

This is the first time in history that women are at center stage in Washington. They are liberal, stylish, fashion-forward women. Could this set Washington as a major fashion capital? I believe it is the beginning of a new era and in this exciting new time a new image emerges.

Politics traditionally is a symbol of masculine power. The very notion of a feminine, liberating, social order among the conservative ranks of male politicians signifies a shifting movement. What can we expect to see as the new dominant trends of this new era?

Man style tailoring for women is not the answer; fashion will be inspired by a different power, a power that represents authoritative femininity. With this dramatic political change, the impact will profoundly affect the coming theme. Unlike the power dressing of the 1980's, when women were excelling to the top of executive positions in corporations, this new era will create its own version of dominant fashion that signifies a more credible sophistication due to a more relaxed acceptance of that power.

This is the new era of positive change in a time characterized by excess and bullish behavior. The alternative exchange will be to honor new values and express a new identity as an active participant in a changing time inspiring fashion to evolve into a new culture. This movement will reflect different desires and will not be overindulgent in style or consumerism but be defined by forward thinking leaders of fashion acknowledging the successful independent political icons.

We can be assured that there will be a new defining characteristic of fashion, the feminine politician. Provoking symbolic power will bring clean simplicity that shows a courageous, pragmatic, uncluttered style. A return of sophisticated refinement, which launches a new trend for the modern time. Fashion will reinvent the new woman.

What emerges will reflect the individual designer's interpretation of world politics and its influence on the fashion world. The inspiration comes from the celebration of mature women in power as intelligent role models indicative of the political woman's will to rule.

By Gabrielle Ruvolo, an entrepreneur, who has carved out her place in the fashion world, Hot Moon Collection was created to meet the needs of style conscious women over forty.

Learn more about Gabrielle Ruvolo at the Fashion Industry Network.

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