LEE337 Apparel's "Braid in America" Line
Fashion Article Posted November 12, 2008 

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LEE337 Apparel opens for business with the grand opening of lee337apparel.com, and the launching of a new line of ladies apparel that is cut and braided using a technique that has been around since the 60's. With 15 years experience and detailed precision, LEE337 Apparel is now ready to launch it's line that is justly called "Braid in America".

The grand opening of www.lee337apparel.com and the launching of LEE337 Apparel's "Braid in America" line of ladies apparel.  A very versatile and unique style offers a sexy look as well as a more modern and trendy layering look.  Designed on very popular style tops and ladies basic tees, LEE337 Apparel also designs tie-dyes in the same style tops for layering combinations or by themselves.

 LEE337 Apparel   LEE337 Apparel Laidies Shirts   LEE337 Apparel Ladies

All of the LEE337 Apparel "Braid in America" line, are original designs that have been created using a braided technique that has been mastered over the years.  Early 2008, after watching CNBC's The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, It was decided, to do something with the idea. An email in March, gave an oportunity to pitch the idea in Arizona at The Lucky Napkin Live Event. Amilya Antonetti, one of The Big Idea experts from the show (and just an amazing person and mom) and co-founder of The Lucky Napkin had put together her own team of experts and was launching her own big idea with a live event. Out of six hundred plus pitches at the live event, and ten thousand plus submission on their website, the soon to be apparel business was fortunate enough to be one of forty people invited back to Arizona to attend Amilya's first Mind to Market Weekend. A mentorship program designed to help entrepreneurs take their idea to the next level.

Since May 2008, a new small business has been created now to be known as LEE337 Apparel and a brand new line of ladies apparel was designed using an older braiding technique, while creating a very unique look that is sure to be popular with todays trendy layering style of fashion. The new owner/designer's manufacturing will be kept here in the US, so it seemed that the new line had to be "Braid in America". A live website at: lee337apparel.com was created to launch the new line and small business.

LEE337 Apparel's "Braid in America" line creates layering effects and combinations that are virtually endless. The versatility of LEE337 Apparel makes it possible to move designs from tops to dresses, and soon the small apparel company will also be designing swimwear and intimates.


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