Where do fashion people come from to read Fashionoffice?
Fashion Article Posted April 6, 2009

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During six months Fashionoffice has monitored the interest of users and where they are coming from with Google Analytics. In the last researches on the most favorite pages viewed and the most questioned keywords used to reach the magazine it became obvious that the users are reaching editorials mostly not from Fashionoffice's coversites or RSS, mobile sites..., because the favorite pages are from former years and can only be accessed through the archives of the magazine or from outside (bookmarks, referring pages, by typing in the address...).

Result: Most of the traffic to Fashionoffice comes from people who clicked from other sites (referring sites) to pages of the domains fashionoffice.org, beautyme.com and confashion.com.  Read more about the sources on fashionoffice.org/survey/2009/trafficsources3-2009.htm.  

About Fashionoffice Since 13 years Fashionoffice is one of the most relevant fashion sources online. By using the anniversary-search of Google.com in their oldest available index (January 2001) the magazine ranked with the 'mother' of all Fashionoffice channels fashion.at (founded 1996) on the 3rd place of about 6,840,000 results for fashion. Today, the magazine is still on the first site of 450,000,000 results on worldwide searches for fashion in Google.

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