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Fashion Article Posted December 2, 2009

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If I were to conduct a survey asking about people's favorite industries to work in, I truly believe that the fashion industry would be in the top three. Truth be told, I think the industry would place in the number one spot and it is a rather safe claim to state that the fashion industry would place higher then the struggling auto industry. We all know that you can make decent money in pharmaceuticals, but the boredom factor must sky rocket in comparison to working in fashion. Anyway, it may not be clear to you, but it is very clear to me that the world simply adores fashion. Due to the worlds love affair with fashion (and all things relevant) the fashion industry, as a career choice, is enticing to a large majority of the worlds population. 
Seeing that the fashion industry is extremely important, there most definitely should be an article written to help people learn more about clothing as well as the clothing industry. Hence, I have decided to write an article titled, Best of the Fashion Industry. Fortunately for you, you have actually found the article and are reading it now. Oh no, don't stop now. The article is just starting to get exciting.
The fashion industry can be divided into several key parts, some of which are actually more interesting then others. For example, manufacturing vs. marketing. Before a fashion designer can plan their catwalk events, they must develop a collection. In order to do so, they will need to research trim components such as zippers, buttons, threads, etc. If you are like most, you may find that researching fashion models is more exciting then researching thread however, when working in the fashion industry it is understood that you need to produce the clothing before you can drape the garment over the shoulders of a beautiful fashion model.
Now that we can begin to comprehend that although the fashion industry as a whole is very exciting, the industry is also faced with daily activities that may not be so glorious. I certainly remember the days of counting inventory in a dust filled warehouse and that was definitely NOT enjoyable. However, checking inventory levels is an important aspect of the business (by the way, warehouses may be dust filled, but the garments are always well protected and clean).
OK, lets get down to the purpose of this article and explore some of the best fashion resources on the internet. It is time to fully explose the Best of the Fashion Industry.
What would the apparel industry be without, Fashion Designers? Clearly designers are a key component of the industry. For lack of a better word, they are the celebrities. The mere fact that they exist as icons, helps perpetuate the industry. As new and upcoming fashion designers come onto the scene, they are driven with ambition to achieve fame and fortune. Therefore, the fashion designers that have already reached success naturally provide inspiration to those that are on the path. Yes, I fully understand that NOT all fashion designers have the same goals. Obviously some design simply for the love of designing... Not for notoriety.
If you care to have discussions with the famous and not so famous, you are welcome to join in the discussions at the Fashion Industry Network. The Fashion Industry Network is by far one of the Best of the Fashion Industry. This business networking site was developed on a popular social networking platform and tweaked to become a leading business to business network by the Apparel Search Company.
Speaking of Apparel Search, that leads me to describe to you one of my favorite websites. When talking about the best of the fashion industry it would be impossible to not mention Apparel Search. The website was one of the first and continues to be one of the leading soup to nuts apparel industry resources. The Apparel Search website was started in the late 1990's during the boom of the internet. The company took a SLOW, but determined, approach to development so the site did not magically become a billion dollar website during the 90's. It is however continually developing and the site remains one of the very best. Anyway, back to the subject, Apparel Search offers a directory of clothing and textile relevant issues to help members of the garment industry conduct daily business activities. The site provides a directory of clothing factories, clothing stores, clothing wholesalers, and much more. More recently, they have developed a clothing guide that is simply amazing.
In addition to Apparel Search, there are many other fabulous websites that cater to the fashion industry. I am not sure if they are all truly the best, but they are pretty darn good. So let us move on so that we can explore a few more resources. I will list these sites in the form of a directory in order to breeze thru several important topic areas.
I will call these the best, but they are really my favorites. It is possible that there may be better that exist but these are the best I've experienced thus far. If you find better, please let me know... You can contact me at the Fashion Industry Network (Apparel1)
Best Fashion Industry Calendar ( It is important to know what is going on and when it is going on so it is therefore important to have a good calendar to turn to. The fact of the matter is that this may not currently be the absolutely best fashion industry calendar (it may not always have all events) but it certainly has the best name. What could be better for a fashion industry calendar then the name Fashion Industry Calendar. Also, it runs on a great technology.
Best Freelance Fashion Designers ( Here is another site with a terrific domain name, but can still use a bit of work. Yet the site is free for freelance designers so I think it deserves credit as being one of the best. In summary, the Designer Search website is a portfolio service for members of the clothing industry to locate designers that can assist them with design development.
Best Fashion Videos ( Videos are clearly an important way to let the world view fashion. Why attend a fashion show in Milan when you can simply view the event on your computer or iphone? Well, to be honest, it would be way more pleasurable to be watching the live event in Milan but beggars can't be choosers. If you do not want to spend all of your time on YouTube, you can also give the Fashion Week Videos website a chance. I think that you will find that the search engine on that site will help you find all that you wish to find. By the way, if you have not yet heard about StyleMouse, make sure to check the StyleMouse Fashion Video Channel.
Best Fashion Jobs ( Are you looking for the best fashion jobs or the best fashion jobs website? Either way, I think you will find what you are looking for at the Fashion Job Search website. This is the best fashion jobs site because it is free to use and it also runs on an excellent search technology. It has unique listings and it searches another database as well to provide optimum results. If you want a fashion job, this is a good place to start your career search.
Best Fashion Magazines : ( : OK, I can't believe that I am listing a category for the best fashion magazines. In all fairness, their must be a zillion fashion magazine websites. For goodness sake, is there a fashion magazine in existence that is not listed on Amazon. Anyway, the Apparel Magazine site was developed to help the fashion industry find magazines of interest. Give it a try if your really looking for something industry specific.
Best Fashion Newspaper : The best fashion newspaper selection is debatable. Many would argue that the WWD, DNR, Apparel News, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, or numerous other newspapers have better fashion news sections. However, when working with with online resources and dealing with fashion, how can we find a better newspaper then a newspaper that is called the Fashion Newspaper? I have to give this site at least ten extra points on the ranking just for the name. The site does have many good and original news articles. In addition, the site displays various news that you may also find on other sites. This site is actually in its early stages of development. I see a good future for this online newspaper.
Best Fashion Celebrities : Fashion and Celebrities go hand in hand. What fashion event would be a success without a handful of fashionable celebrities sitting in the front row? By the way, I wonder if any of the fashion celebrities ever had a fashion model fall off the catwalk and land in their lap. I think that the male celebs would be happy, but the ladies may be offended as their outfits get wrinkled.
Believe it or not, I could go on and on and point out several more favorite websites. However, I am getting rather tired of typing. Therefore, it is time to wind this article to a close.
If you have interest in further reading about some of the best fashion websites, you may want to check the Fashion Guide 2009 article at the Fashion Newspaper. The article, breaks down some of the important fashion industry categories and guides you to where you can find more information. Hopefully, an updated version will appear in the near future. The internet continues to evolve. Therefore, the best sites of this year may not be the best next year. Only time will tell...
If you are eager to learn more about the fashion industry, you may wish to also read fashion news to stay on top of current event. If you are not actually in the industry, but want to be, try the fashion jobs section on Apparel Search. It's a great resource for starting a career in fashion.
You might also like to know that you can meet the people that are the best of the fashion industry at the Fashion Industry Network. The members of that network, are clearly the best in the industry.  

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