Unique Sunglasses Introduced by Stevie Boi
Fashion Article Posted May 28, 2009


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Unique SunglassesStevieBoi.com has introduced the new Line of SB sunglasses Apparel & Accessories Due to its launch merchandise has been selling at an alarming rate and has brought the company great success . StevieBoi.com is official and grabbing attention World wide. StevieBoi.com Features a unique Selection of Sunglasses that has a strong, bold and interesting look..

SB Accessories-Clothing and Trendsetting is official. Stevie Boi is the owner and user of SB-Clothing. Since the beginning of 2007, Steven C. Strawder has sold his Apparel line entitled (T0xic). His clothing line was sold alongside Bluecotton.com. Successfully pulling in figures to outstand a seasonal trend.  Stevie Boi decided to take a serious approach towards marketing his own name brand. So he created StevieBoi.com. StevieBoi.com features unique accessories Apparel and Trendsetting styles By Steven him self. The most popular part of StevieBoi.com is the sunglasses section Pulling in over Three thousand views in just the first eight hours of a day, Stevieboi.com proves to be the most unique site and well known here in the US and overseas.

SB Accessories Clothing & Apparel will soon be a highly recognized brand. The company has also become synonymous with high-quality products and customer service. SB products are sold through their world-wide network. Press as follows has been hunting down Steven Strawder to get future detail on his success. Later this year its promised to see Celebrities wearing his glasses for advertisement purposes.

The most important thing in my life is my art work,
said Steven Strawder, Owner and director of StevieBoi.com.
I just want people to feel beautiful even during the recession that's why I offer low prices on all of my products.

For additional information on the SB Accessories Clothing & Apparel Please, contact CustomerService@StevieBoi.com or visit www.StevieBoi.com.


StevieBoi.com brings unique Sunglasses Apparel & Accessories to today's market. Pulling in strong figures

StevieBoi.com has introduced the new Line of SB sunglasses Apparel & Accessories Due to its launch merchandise has been selling at an alarming rate and has brought the company great success..

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Unique Sunglasses from Stevie Boi


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