Inkcups Now Corp. Cobalt 1000 Direct-to-plate Laser For Making Printing Pads for Pad Printing Garment Tags on T-shirts
Fashion Article Posted April 23, 2010

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Inkcups Now Corp. is offering the Cobalt 1000 Direct-to-plate Laser for making printing plates
for pad printing Garment Tags on t-shirts, underwear and other apparel. By engraving pad printing plates directly from digital files, the Cobalt 1000 enables printing of logos and care labels with high quality graphics and letters - as small as 4 pt type. With the Cobalt 1000 laser, the tagless apparel manufacturers can make thick steel plates that last for 2-5 million impressions as well as specialized Cobalt plates that last for 40,000 impressions. Compared to traditional photosensitive plate etching, laser etching produces higher resolution images with absolute repeatability; laser etching is up to 15 times faster and does not require film positives or chemicals.

The Cobalt 1000 is a heavy-duty, US-assembled Laser Platemaker featuring a compact industrial cabinet with the highest quality components including a YAG fiber laser, advanced Cobalt 1000 software and 10mm scan head. The system can be fed graphic files remotely, which answers manufacturers demand for setting up graphics department and production facilities in different states or countries. The Cobalt 1000 has technical support centers in the US, Canada and Honduras.

For more information, please visit, call 978-646-8980 or send an email to

Inkcups Now Corporation (ICN) offers a full range of screen and pad printing supplies and equipment as well as engraving systems and inkjet printers that are used every day in a myriad of applications in the promotional products, medical, electronics, automotive and tagless garment industries.  As one of the fastest growing pad printing and screen printing supply companies in North America, Inkcups Now seeks to continually innovate and push the limits of the marketplace.


Inkcups Now Corp. Tagless Printing Technical Support Office in Honduras Inkcups Now Corporation announces the opening of Tagless Printing Technical Support Office in Cortes, Honduras - the company's 7th direct sales and technical support location on the American continent.
Fashion Article Posted April 23, 2010

Inkcups Now Corp. B100 Tagless Pad Printer Inkcups Now has introduced the B100 tagless pad printer - a single color semiautomatic tabletop machine for printing Tagless Neck Labels directly onto t-shirts, hoodies, uniforms, underwear and other apparel.
Fashion Article Posted April 23, 2010

Inkcups Now Corporation Cobalt 300 Fastest Laser Engraver for Pad Printing  Inkcups Now introduces Cobalt 300
the fastest laser engraver in its class, designed to produce high resolution plates for Pad Printing, etch various substrates and cut fixtures.

Fashion Article Posted April 23, 2010

Tagging Garments : Sapphire SB Series Inc Tagging garments jeans, t-shirts, undergarments etc. is getting quicker and easier. With Sapphire SB series ink the tags can be pad or screen printed, no sewing tags in or heat transferring required.
Fashion Article Posted April 23, 2010

Tagless Pad Printing on T-shirts


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