Dressing The Legs For The Amputees
Fashion Article Posted January 28, 2010

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What do "Dress the Legs 2010" and the recent developments in Haiti have in common? Women. Not just any woman but amputees who have lost one or both legs to disease or injury.

The "Dress the Legs 2010" campaign was designed to raise the level of awareness to the hundreds of thousand female amputees around the globe not traditionally thought of when it comes to fashion.

On January 16, 2010, Lisa Goshon, owner of Seduzione Leggs Hosiery Boutique launched the Dress the Legs 2010 campaign in Newark, New Jersey at a designers showcase event.

The Goal: 2,010,000 women in 2010 dressing the legs for 1 day to honor these women. To reach this goal, we are asking women around the globe to wear a pair of hosiery, leggings, or socks for 1 day. It's that simple!

As the owner of the nation's only designer hosiery and legging boutique, I want to use the business to highlight more than just wearing designer hosiery, says Goshon. It's about getting women around the world to come together for the cause. To be a voice and take notice not all women have legs".

Goshon is also compelling the fashion industry to do more to involve this elite group in fashion, i.e., designing, styling, advertising, etc.

With the number of new amputees in Haiti each day, the Dress the Legs 2010 is evidence we need to do more.

By becoming ONE VOICE, we have the power to change the quality of life and increase awareness for the plight of these women.

Register online at www.dressthelegs2010.com

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