Alice Vandy Selected by Alexis Knox to take part in Clothes Shoe London June 2010
Fashion Article Posted June 23, 2010

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Edgy fashion designer Alice Vandy, a designer in's exclusive portfolio, has been commissioned by Alexis Knox to produce some pieces for the Clothes Show London taking place 25 – 27 June.

Stylist Alexis Knox chose Alice Vandy's work for Clothes Show London from the portfolio. As well as working for big clients like BBC, ITV, Puma and Channel 4, Alexis Knox is also an ambassador of underground and emerging talents working with SuperSuper magazine and Ziad Ghanem's ‘Maiden Britain' label.

Alexis Knox selected the Alice Vandy brand which is fast becoming known for its powerfully imaginative and edgy style. Original, striking and artistically designed pieces often show a contrasting urban influence. Collections range from art-printed tees to beautiful, sculptural and surrealist couture pieces.

Alice Vandy's beautiful pieces are available to view at which is due to launch over the next few months. Her pieces will sit alongside a select few designers who are also emerging and gaining recognition for their edgy styles and trademark quirkiness.

Trained in fashion design at Plymouth College of Art & Design, the Alice Vandy brand signifies individuality and the link between fashion and art.

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