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Fashion Article Posted September 9, 2010

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September 1, 2010 marked the birth date for the BANY agency (BANY).  BANY is pronounced BAH - NIY, and represents two great cities Baltimore and New York.  BANY is the modeling agency of Butterfly Productions, LLC, which is the home of Baltimore Fashion Week.  This idea was conceived by the Executive Producer of Butterfly Productions, and although the idea was conceived years ago, the co-founder Nixon felt it was time to give it life.  That realistic feeling could only be achieved with Selina Powell, co-founder of BANY and is the New York representative of the agency.

BANY was birthed to provide models with the tools needed to be marketable in this fashion industry.

"To be able to start this agency right here in my hometown of Baltimore and also have a New York partnership with Selina Powell, is yet another dream come true.  Now models from Baltimore and the surrounding cities will be able to experience that New York feel of fashion with BANY," stated Nixon.

The creative minds of these two individuals will only create a higher sense of synergy within the fashion industry.  Not only will BANY provide clients with experienced, professional, and poised models for runway projects, but BANY will also provide clients with the look needed for editorial, print, and commercial assignments. 


Since fashion comes in various sizes and ages, BANY will also have a BANY+ department for models sizes 10 and up.  Also added is BANY LS (Lifestyle) for the more seasoned model. 

Powell stated, "There's a real need of change in the fashion industry for all models.  Sharan and I are just the right pair to make this happen.  BANY agency has just what it takes to do it.  With BANY the fashion world will not know what hit them.  At BANY the change starts here."

In other words, whatever your need is for fashion, BANY will have a team of models ready to deliver.

Model castings have been scheduled for Baltimore and New York.  The Baltimore casting is scheduled for Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. and the New York casting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 29, 2010 at 2:00 p.m.  Models must have proper photographs and paperwork available when they attend the castings.  All interested models must obtain a registration from from the website  Forms must accompany models at the casting.


More information about BANY is located on the website

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