ShixyFeet Pillow Shoe Insole
Fashion Article Posted March 22, 2011

Fashion Articles  Fashion Articles 2011 offers fashionistas the opportunity to save their oversized shoes with a new pillow shoe insole. Customers that wear oversized shoes, will experience the heels moving around too much inside the footwear, the result can be painful blisters or dry, cracked heels and a great deal of slippage. ShixyFeet Insoles can help promote proper body alignment by keeping the heel stationary in the shoe when walking, especially in fashionable high heels.
Customers who have shoes half of a size or larger can use the ShixyFeet product to "fill" their favorite shoes and get the perfect fit.  ShixyFeet is made with a soft foam product that creates a comfortable fit for men, women, and children.  Customers can visit the online store to peruse through the ShixyFeet options. ShixyFeet are available to women, men, and children. For the customer's convenience, shoppers can order via phone.
"We've created the solution for those wonderful shoe finds that just don't quite fit! We've all experienced losing weight or simply finding that perfect pair of shoes and only to realize that they are just a little too big. These "great finds" then end up in the abyss of the "never-worn-but-once" closet.," says Alessandra Ayala the company's owner and creator.
 Shoppers who are simply tired of finding a perfect pair of shoes, only to wear them once and find that they are a too large and consistently slipping off will find that the ShixyFeet pillow insole gives them the solution for oversized and uncomfortable shoes. 
Combining the speed and ease of internet shopping with excellent customer service, hopes to deliver what internet consumers want. "Our objective was to provide a wonderful product that customers can use to save money and still be fashionable in their favorite shoes," says Ayala.


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