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Fashion Shopping Article Posted November 22, 2011


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 Learn more about Apparel here on Apparel Search., a website that is the forefront of changing how consumers shop for high-end fashion! With over 60,000 members in Europe, it is a stylish alternative to eBay, a space where members can "recycle" designer products. was founded by Pauline Truchot. The idea was sparked by the realization that she had so many beautiful things in her closet, but most of it she was no longer wearing. This was not only a problem for her, because women only use 3% of the items in their closet. She created to provide a simple and safe outlet for people who want to sell their high-end clothing to an audience that really understands the value of designer products. The aim is to salvage beautiful high-quality items by directly selling to buyers who will bring them back to life! is a secure place for the fashion obsessed on a budget to buy and sell the best brands at affordable prices. It is a community of fashion lovers that appreciate and have knowledge of designer products and their value, whether new or used. This way, sellers can sell their products at a reasonable price while still making a profit, and buyers benefit by paying a fraction of the cost of retail prices! is truly a fast and simple means for fashion lovers to recycle luxury clothing and accessories.

Learn more about High-End Fashion here on Apparel Search and then go shop for it at StyleRecovery.


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