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Fashion Shopping Article Posted June 12, 2012

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Uncovet a new curated e-commerce shopping site that sends users high-style on-trend fashion and home products daily, today announces its launch out of beta. The company is developed by technology studio Science Inc., the team behind other recent successful ecommerce companies like Wittlebee and DollarShaveClub.

Uncovet is mapping shopper's style graph, which analyzes a number of data points to deliver deeper discounts and tailored shopping recommendations to users.  By factoring customer's personal preferences to generate customized product recommendations, Uncovet identifies which friends users should share their shopping finds with in order to increase their discounts. The more users share, the more money they save.

Uncovet is style-driven site that seeks to accurately forecast trends and deliver recommendations for individual users every day. Uncovet locates the most coveted collection of items from up-and-coming designers, select high-profile brands and exclusive vintage finds to procure a highly curated list of on-trend, unique and rare products at prices that have been negotiated down — then delivers them to members via their daily email.

Founded by digital fashion globetrotter Heather Lipner, Uncovet is designed to help shoppers easily find the most sought after fashion-forward goods on the web. Through research and technology, Uncovet's mission is to deliver items that members already want, but typically spend hours hunting down on the web each week. Uncovet offers these items at discounted rates, leveraging social pricing to offer steeper discounts for users who influence their friends.

"Design and technology is Uncovet's sweet spot, and we use both to solve people's common shopping dilemmas – spending excessive amounts of time and money to surface unique products that fit their style," said Heather Lipner, co-founder of Uncovet.  "As more and more products are created and accessible because of the Web, the challenges in finding what you want become more and more difficult. Delivering solid curation with intelligence gets people exactly what they want, faster."

Focusing beyond fashion to include niche home goods and unique objects, Uncovet helps users find the things they want—and in return, members offer live feedback and share with friends via social media.  With Uncovet's Inner Circle Benefits, Uncovet provides its fans even better deals and special bonuses when they share across Pinterest, Svpply, Twitter and other networks. Uncovet's team then fine tunes their curation techniques to include user feedback as well as social data-feeds to determine what's trending at the moment.   The result is an accurate gauge on what the community prefers.

"Few people know more about unearthing the hottest fashion and home finds and trends on the web than Heather. Everyday Uncovet identifies unique products — from high-end brands, vintage finds and up-and-coming designers — the digital equivalent of scouring swank boutiques, flea markets and globe trotting for new trends all while bargaining deals for their members.  Uncovet creates the perfect end-to-end shopping experience and delivers it directly to users so they can easily purchase the new obsession," said Science Inc. founder and former MySpace CEO Michael Jones.

Unique features of Uncovet include: 

·   Reputation Ranking Engine– Each product within the email is selected based on industry trends and predictions providing the best products from every single style genre. recommendations for each individual

·   Influence-based Commerce – Uncovet helps customers use their social network popularity to improve their membership status.  Uncovet gives their fans even better deals and bonuses when they share Uncovet across Pinterest, Svpply, Twitter, Facebook and get their friends to sign up.  Additionally, the company's lifestyle graph analysis helps customers know where and who to share with to improve their chances of getting better deals.

·   Social shopping -A live feed shouts out the product quantities left, endorsements from recent buyers and sharers, membership level jumps, style tips, as well as guest curation from influential bloggers.

·   Product exclusives - Uncovet collaborates with a growing community of bloggers and designers to pick products as well as create new or tweak existing products to optimize customer relevancy.

For more information or to become a member, please visit Uncovet.com

About Uncovet

Uncovet is a curated e-commerce shopping site that sends users a selection of high-style on-trend fashion and home products daily.  Each unique fashion and home item is tailored to users' personal style and tastes, saving shoppers time and energy scouring the offline and online shopping worlds to ensure they've got the best products.

For more information or to become a member, please visit Uncovet.com.


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