Bossini Implements Software AG to Integrate Supply Chain Initiatives
Apparel Technology Article Posted December 4, 2007


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Software AG, a global leader in business infrastructure software, today announced that Bossini Enterprises Ltd., a leading clothing retailer in the Asia-pacific region with over 1,000 stores worldwide, has implemented the webMethods ESB from Software AG. With enhanced, company-wide access to real-time, synchronized data, Bossini can now more closely monitor and manage business performance as it strives to more quickly and accurately meet business expectations. Furthermore, the use of an ESB as a core element of Bossini's service-oriented architecture (SOA) strategy has produced significant savings in terms of both THE cost and time required to onboard new applications and partners.

Bossini Implements Software AG to Integrate Supply Chain Initiatives

  • Asia's leading apparel retailer uses the webMethods ESB to advance its supply chain strategy
  • Seamless integration of applications, extended real-time process visibility and dynamic synchronization of data used to streamline business operations
  • Use of SOA for integration yields 30% improvement in productivity

Founded in Hong Kong in 1987, Bossini has expanded rapidly to become one of the world's fastest growing apparel brands. Today, the company operates more than a thousand stores in over twenty countries with two hundred new stores opened in the past year alone. As a fashion-focused retailer, the company has defined the speed and efficiency that it capitalizes on emerging trends as a strategic differentiator and has implemented a strategy to bring new designs to market faster as a result.

To support these efforts, the company's IT leadership identified the need for a more interoperable planning and execution environment as a key requirement. More specifically, Bossini set forth to implement a new integration infrastructure that would link key systems together more fully, automate process execution, and provide real-time, end-to-end process visibility spanning multiple transactions and steps. Through this approach, Bossini could also synchronize real-time data across multiple orders, shipments and SKUs as a means for maintaining one version of the truth.

Following extensive evaluations of four competing integration solutions, Bossini selected the webMethods ESB to address these requirements. As a proven solution, the webMethods ESB minimized risks due to the demonstrated scalability and robust architecture that it offered. Equally important, its support for key industry standards would streamline the integration of both internal applications and third-party trading partners.

Our evaluations determined that the webMethods ESB would allow us to achieve real-time interoperability across numerous disparate applications, including independence from the constraints of their operating systems and hardware platforms. For example, the integration between our legacy systems and new applications has been painless and seamless. Its ease-of-use and user-friendliness has also facilitated faster development of standards-based, service interfaces for integration, said Mr. Andrew Ling Director of IT and Supply Chain of Bossini Group.

As part of its evaluation, Bossini had also embraced the importance of SOA and Web services in terms of the long-term sustainability and adaptability of the project. By standardizing on the webMethods ESB, they would be able to take full advantage of standards-based, service interfaces for interoperability and orchestration. This would allow Bossini to speed deployment of new applications and processes as well as the on-boarding of new partners. It would also make subsequent changes easier to implement while allowing the company to take advantage of the cost-savings enabled by additional reuse of the original interface.

Mr. Ling added, Software AG's leadership within the SOA and BPM markets was important to us as we anticipate that these technologies will play an important role in helping us to deliver greater customer value. We were also impressed by the company's marquee list of customers within the manufacturing, retail and apparel sectors. Of equal importance was the platform's flexibility in meeting our unique requirements as this is crucial to our ability to gain competitive advantage in the fickle world of apparel retailing. In our decision, we also took into account the faster adoption, lower training costs and quicker return-on-investment enabled by the very intuitive design of the webMethods ESB. Finally, we were very appreciative of Software AG's focus on update & extend as oppose to rip & replace as a means for safeguarding our current IT investments. With little doubt that Software AG will remain the technology leader within the business infrastructure marketplace, I
m confident that we made the right decision.

Bossini's expectations for improved IT productivity have already been met by the initial implementation. For example, use of the webMethods ESB to create standards-based, service interfaces has led to an approximately 30% improvement in productivity versus conventional programming using J2EE. Furthermore, Bossini has secured greater control and governance over its SOA initiatives, which has led to better reliability and performance for the key processes supported by this system. The company also believes that its on-track to produce the anticipated business improvements that the initiative targets.

Mr. Paul Heneghan, Software AG's Senior Vice President for the Asia/pacific region of the webMethods business division, added, We are extremely excited that Bossini has adopted our technology to foster faster, smarter decision-making through better access to real-time information. Our solution will allow Asia's leading apparel retailer to respond to changes in customer demand with the agility and flexibility required by today's fast-paced, global marketplace. From an IT perspective, Bossini will also be able to capitalize on improved productivity, faster implementations and measurable cost-savings.

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