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Fashion Technology Article Posted March 28, 2012


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Apparel retailers and brands considering mobile merchandising options for facilitating customer engagement and generating additional in-store sales can benefit from a strategic alliance that has been formed by mobile merchandising technology developer ClikGenie and barcode ticketing solution provider FineLine Technologies.

According to FineLine Technologies CEO George Hoffman, the alliance with ClikGenie gives retailers and brand owners a powerful marketing tool right at the point where shoppers make their buying decisions.


"The alliance makes it much easier for apparel retailers and brands to implement a storewide mobile code program which in turn will allow them to more effectively engage mobile shoppers," Hoffman says. "The companies' combined capabilities bring to market an expert source for the creation of turnkey mobile merchandising programs. We provide retailers and brands with both the technology and the 2D bar-coded tags that trigger in-store promotions, cross-selling, branding, information and social media sharing, and which can create a long-term communication channel with customers."


How It Works


In operation, ClikGenie personnel will work with retailers or brands to develop mobile formats suitable for different categories of products, for example womenswear and footwear. Data maps are then developed for each format enabling the client to easily download content such as images and text directly to the ClikGenie platform creating hundreds or thousands of different mobile product sites along with their respective mobile codes. The codes are then merged on FineLine's FastTrak online ticket ordering system along with other variable data necessary for the price or promotional tag. At that point, a retailer's or brand's global vendor network can log into the FastTrak system and specify the necessary number of fully printed tickets for 48-hour delivery to locations worldwide.


"FastTrak is a proven ticket ordering program that serves over 10,000 vendors," Hoffman notes. "It is easy to use and constitutes a single location for the ordering of tickets. Global vendor networks can order from virtually anywhere on the planet confident that the right 2D tag, complete with variable data, will be shipped on schedule."



At the Retail Level


Mobile merchandising via phone and 2D barcodes enables retailers to deliver information directly to in-store shoppers, elevate purchase intentions, and increase sales. An example of mobile merchandising in action: A woman looking at a dress can scan the 2D barcode and be presented with matching shoes, jewelry, or other items that complement the dress, and are perhaps on sale just a few aisles away.


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