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Textile Industry News Article Posted November 17, 2008

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C&F Textile Corp., a Taiwan-based manufacturer of knitting fabrics announced its latest "single jersey moisture management fabric" which is made from performance fibers and yarns. It is especially developing for high-end performance sportswear and has already designated by well know brand for their sportswear.

Since cycling has become one of the most popular outdoor activities, the market for performance bike jersey has significantly expanded in recent years and is expected to grow in the next several years.

Cycling jersey was originally made from wool, which is nice and warm for cold conditions however it's definitely not a good idea for heavy activities. Besides, it will become so heavy when it gets wet.

Man-mad polyester fibers changed cycle jerseys which has better moisture absorption. Riders may enjoy cycling more and feel comfortable in any temperatures.

An analysis published by Just-style concludes that performance sportswear has risen 19.4% over the last four years and will continue to be so. Among the hottest selling knitting fabric was moisture management fabric (MMF) sportswear and is expected to continue growing.

The knitting fabric technology, skills and design capability are well developed which stimulate MMF sportswear continue growing. Manufacturers shift their attention to the high-end moisture management fabrics and introduce sophisticated materials, such as carbon fiber, far infrared fiber, UV-cut fiber, anti-bacteria fiber and minus ion fiber are used in making performance sportswear, e.g. cycling jerseys. On the other hand, a great number of consumers place increasing importance on the performance of apparels as well.

Performance jersey is an issue for the serious athlete but for the majority of riders
performance cycling jersey is mostly about "comfort".

Basically, it's better to have a good condition of MMF cycling clothes because rider gets hot and sweats while biking. Unbreathable bike clothing keeps perspiration inside the fabric and sticks on skin which is really annoyed riders. In terms of MMF bike clothing, it should keep rider cooler, cleaner and drier after a long hour cycling.

Product Focus:
Double Jersey
Composition: 66% Polyester (150D/144F) + 34% Coco Carbon (75D/72)
Width: 62

Weight: 240 gm/yd
Function: Moisture Management, Far Infrared Ray, Minus Ion
Special designed for: Cycling Jerseys, Cycling Shorts

Single Jersey
Composition: 92% Polyester (150D/96F) + 8% Opelon (40D)
Width: 61

Weight: 380 gm/yd
Function: Moisture Management
Special designed for: Cycling Shorts, Gym Clothes

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