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Textile Industry News Article Posted October 7, 2008

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Datatex AG signs one of its most significant ERP contracts for the textile industry worldwide, with Marzotto SpA one of Italy's most important textile leader, and a name recognized world wide for innovation and quality.

Datatex AG the global leader in ERP applications for the textile industry, in partnership with ICM Italia and Value team, has signed a contract with Marzotto SpA to complete the automation of its supply chain, logistic and planning systems.

Datatex will provide its most advanced open ERP platform NOW, fully integrating the vertical textile supply chain from fiber to garment. ICM (a Datatex shareholder specialized in AP platforms) will deliver SAP integration and development into the SAP SOA environment.

Value Team will be responsible for contract integration and program management.

Marzotto has gone through a tough and thorough qualification and selection process to appoint Datatex as its strategic partner for business solutions, comparing the most important providers of ERP to the textile and apparel industries.  Datatex and its business process automation platform NOW have been chosen among others for functional completeness, understanding of the industry, portability, leading edge IT technology and SAP integration excellence.

With the recent contracts of  Arvind mills  and Bombay Rayon in India, Fountain Set in China and of Marzotto in Europe, Datatex has confirmed a leadership position as the key business partner also for large ERP Textile business solutions.

The partnership with ICM Italia and Value team complete the Datatex go to market strategy providing critical mass, coverage, quality assurance and in depth SOA capabilities.

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