Ecological Tannery Employs Renewable Energy
Textile Industry News Article Posted July 16, 2009

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New Ecological Tannery Employs Renewable Energy and the Latest Technology to Reduce CO2 Emissions by Roughly 35 Percent Compared to Conventional Tanneries.

Responding to the GLOBAL demand for ecologically friendly leather from clients such as Timberland, New Balance, Keen and Hush Puppies, ISA Tan Tec Founder and CEO Thomas Schneider has announced the opening of their largest low impact model factory slated for early July. Building upon overwhelming response from their first ecological factory in Guangzhou, China, Schneider promises to implement their environmental concept even more thoroughly in ISA Tan Tec's new $12.1 million Vietnam factory. The facility will employ nearly 300 employees and produce twenty million square feet of high quality leather every year.

LITE Leather truly captures the Keen factor, explains Chadd Garvens, Senior Developer, Keen Footwear.
This leather is high quality and durable and the LITE tanning process reduces the impact on our planet. Thanks to ISA Tan Tec we are able to create great footwear with a reduced environmental footprint.

Designed with the Environment in Mind

As the only factory in the industry of this size pursuing such a rigorous environmental plan, the Vietnam factory will utilize renewable energy and the latest technology, emitting 35% percent less CO2 than traditional factories. The plant's CO2 footprint is based on the carbon dioxide emissions for each square foot of leather produced. The hot water needed for the tanning process will be heated with a solar system as well as heat recovered from machines. The facility is enclosed by a wall of bamboo that assists the waste-water treatment plant, thus reducing overall energy needs.

ISA Tan Tec utilizes excess heat generated during production by heating water while cooling hydraulic machinery. The company saves energy by using a new technology in re-tanning vessels that works at low speeds and infinitely variable air compressors. Green roofs create a thriving micro climate and insulate against the high temperatures and humidity present year round in Vietnam. Energy saving lights throughout the facility contributes to their outstanding environmental commitment. ISA Tan Tec is an innovation leader in the area of waste water treatment and has drastically reduced the quantity of waste water treated further decreasing the plant's energy consumption.

The Vietnam factory will manufacture high quality leather to meet the new LITE (Low Impact to the Environment) standards established using parameters from the LWG (Leather Working Group), a multi-stakeholder group facilitated by the BLC (British Leather Technology Centre) that develops and maintain a protocol that assesses the compliance and environmental performance of tanners. World renowned shoe manufacturers including Timberland, New Balance, Keen, Reef, Hush Puppies and Simple Shoes are amongst the tannery's most ardent supporters.

ABOUT ISA Tan Tec: Founded by CEO Thomas Schneider in 1993, this German/chinese operated manufacturer of high quality leather is the first in the industry to disclose detailed carbon emission information on all of its products. Not only has ISA Tan Tec been recognized by the world's leading footwear and automotive brands as a supplier of top quality leather, the company boasts an unrivaled reputation for reliability and outstanding Corporate Social Responsibilities. For more information on ISA Tan Tec visit  

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