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Find online sources for leather prices and statistics data about United States cattle hides as well as other leather relevant issues, facts and figures.  If you have an interest in leather, the leather portals are a good first stop to begin your research.
Leather Garment (CMT Factories)
Leather Products  (Wholesale)
Leather Products (Retail) 
Leather Repair
Sewing Leather
Snake Skin  / Iguana Skin
Alligator Skin
Synthetic Leather (Manufacturer)
Sueding Machinery
Leather Research
Sewing Leather
Fur / Fake Fur
Leather Industry Associations
Leather Definition
Leather English / Spanish Translations

Leather Factory Directory

Components / Trimming

A global leather industry directory.

Leather Press is a dynamic and efficient communication tool conceived to bring people together in this third millennium using e-mail to spread an ample spectrum of news and information about the world wide leather business.   It provides highly relevant information on and for companies involved in the leather, footwear, leather goods industries, as well on suppliers and manufacturers in the widest possible sense.  Leather Press publishes articles from all over the world, selected and edited so that the readers get to know the most important information on the sector, in the least time possible. Information that is vital in the daily decision making process.

The Sauer Report brings you trends, prices, indexes, price charts and market news.  It tells you what is happening in the world and where. On line with updates every day.Whether you are selling or buying hides, skins or leather, you want to be well informed about world markets, prices and trends.  Nobody knows everything but when you have to take important commercial decisions you can never be too well informed or know too much. Maybe you would act differently if you had a better and broader view of the market.

Learn more about leather manufacturers from the Handbag Factories section.

Whether you are buying or selling skins, hides, or leather, you want to be well informed about the world leather markets, prices, and trends. You may use the Apparel Search Leather Garment directory to locate factories around the world that specializes in producing clothing made with leathers.  You may also view our leather tannery section to locate suppliers of raw leather.

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