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Snakes can be ornately patterned. They can be striped, banded, solid, green, blue, yellow, red, black, orange, brown, spotted, or have a unique pattern all their own.  Some fashion & footwear is produced with real snake skin and some with imitation.  Snake skin boots & belts are popular in many regions.  You may want to learn more about westernwear.

Snake Skins

Python leather is one of the most common snake leather types. Many Python species are protected species. Python leather comes partly from breeding farms and the skin has a sufficiently large surface, to produce leather products such as belts, boots, etc.  Rather than buy real snake skin, the fashion industry and consumers also have the option to purchase imitation snake skin.

Snake Skin Suppliers

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What is snake skin?  Well, it is the skin of a snake.  If you prefer, you can purchase imitation snake skin instead.

Snake Skin Suppliers

You can also check the PU Snake Skin page for materials made to look like real snake skin.

My Snake Skin (Malaysia): MY SNAKE SKIN Malaysian Premier Reptile Skin High Quality Reptile Skin Finished and Semi Finished Products Producer. HL Exotic is an exporter and trader of high-quality exotic animal products with more than 40 years of experience. Located in Perak, Malaysia, we specialize in genuine high-quality python and water monitor lizard goods. Their primary products are Python Reticulatus and Varanus Salvator skins and each of their exceptional reptile leather is processed according to BHL Exotic's high level of standards. They follow strict and detailed guidelines throughout the entire process from the selection and hunting methods of the snake and lizard to the skinning and drying techniques employed.

Pan American Leathers: Pan Am Leathers is the country's largest exotic leather tannery selling alligator, caiman, python and anaconda skin for handbags, shoes, boots and more.  Pan American Leathers, Inc. is an exotic skin tannery, wholesaler and retailer founded by Mark Mendal in 1984. Following in the footsteps of his father, Jack, who opened his first exotic skin tannery in 1951, Mark has leveraged modern technology and three generations of technical expertise at their tanneries in New York and Colombia to make PAL a leading quality tanner of exotic skins for the world's markets. Their relationships with both suppliers and customers span many decades and continue to grow as PAL works with clients to meet the demands of an ever-evolving marketplace.

Pelgio (Thailand)  Pelgio is the leader of Exotic Leathers such as Stingray, Crocodile, Shark, Python, Snake, Ostrich, Lizard, Fish etc. They produce the wide range of products such as Men's Wallets, Women's Wallets, Belts, Handbags, Briefcases, Hides/pelts and Other accessories.

Roje Exotics: Rojé Leather for premium quality exotic leather sales and manufacturing. Stingray, ostrich, crocodile, python, eel, lizard, and many other skins available at wholesale prices. International orders welcome - we ship worldwide. Rojé works from tens of millions in stocked finished exotic skins and crusts across 5 dedicated warehouses in the United States, several U.S. finishing tanneries, and 8 International tanneries.  All sampling wholesale orders arrive in 2-5 days for stocked skins and 30 days for custom colors/finishes in larger production orders from stocked crust.

Trendset International Pte. Ltd.: Trendset International Pte. Ltd. produce high quality exotic leather, include Alligator, Caiman, Crocodile, Python Snake, Cobra snake, Karung / Elephant Trunk Snakes, Curtus / Blood python, and many other reptile leather available.

Yuen Wai Lek Trading: They are one of the single largest collector and supplier of pythons and iguanas skins in Malaysia. Their annual productions of process skins are more than 10,000 pcs.  The processed skins are of very high quality, which is ready for manufacturing of leather products as they control strictly on the quality.  They are a licensed exporter and are ready to export to you at short notice with the proper and complete C.I.T.E.S papers.  Address:  9, Lintasan Wah Keong 4, Taman Wah Keong, Ipoh 31400  Malaysia  Phone:  60 12-5181218   Email:

Snake Skin

Whether you are buying or selling skins, hides, or leather, you want to be well informed about the world leather markets, prices, and trends. You may use the Apparel Search Leather Garment directory to locate factories around the world that specializes in producing clothing made with leathers.  You may also view our leather tannery section to locate suppliers of raw leather.

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