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Breaking news... "Cashmere wool, usually simply known as cashmere, is a fiber obtained from cashmere goats and other types of goat."

Cashmere is fine in texture, strong, light, and soft. Garments made from it provide excellent insulation, approximately three times that of sheep wool.  It is considered to be a luxurious or luxury fiber.  Cashmere is also softer than regular wool.  The word cashmere is an old spelling of the Kashmir region in northernmost geographical region of in the disputed land between India and Pakistan.

Pure cashmere can be dyed and spun into yarns and knitted into jumpers (sweaters), hats, gloves, socks and other clothing, or woven into fabrics then cut and assembled into garments such as outer coats, jackets, trousers (pants), pajamas, scarves, blankets, and other items.  Read news about cashmere fashion and fabrics.

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