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Fashion assistants work mainly in the fashion industry as entry level workers.  They can assist designers, manufacturers, merchandisers, wholesalers, retailers, public relations, etc.  They may work at keeping sample rooms organized, assist at photo shoots, and do many other tasks.

Fashion assistant jobs

Assistant fashion designers lend both creative and practical support to fashion designers. They act as a liaison with distribution centers and communicate details with many teams and vendors, based on the job listings. Fashion designer assistants may also organize fashion events, such as runway shows.

A fashion production assistant closely monitors the production calendar to help ensure that clothing factories meet deadlines.  They help write production orders, collect shipment documents, tracking samples, submit garments or fabric for testing, and many other duties.  Production assistants can help serve as a point person between internal departments and external vendors.  Employed by fashion designers and retailers, production assistants also handle purchase orders and juggle multiple deadlines.

A stylist assistant works under a hair stylist or makeup stylist and helps with everything from greeting clients, mixing color and sweeping the floor. They help with special fashion events such as fashion week and other runway shows.  They work with models as well as fashion designers.

Fashion assistants may act as a liaison with distribution centers, manufactures or retailers and communicate details with many teams and vendors.  They have a wide range of tasks.  If you seek a fashion assistant job, be prepared to wear many hats because you may be asked to do a very wide variety of tasks.

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