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Search engine marketing or search engine optimization is important for "all" industries.  Regardless of the size of your clothing business or website, it is important to pay attention to what the search engines expect from your company's online presence.  The engines can bring you a great deal of business and the metrics that they evaluate should be important to every apparel company.  When reading the articles below, please understand that we are NOT professionals at analyzing website data, technologies, or best practices.  We are only pointing out some of our own opinions.

Fashion SEO Tips 2018

Fashion Website SEO Tips 2018

Infinite Scroll for Fashion Websites

SEO Technology for the Fashion Industry

Disavow the Google Disavow Tool

SEO Hurt Apparel Search Blog Post May 2013

Unfashionable Bounce Rate

We strongly suggest that you visit the Google Webmasters and the Bing Webmasters websites.

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