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The structure, form, and angles that are usually associated with architectural design have moved from the city streets to the fashion runways.

With the move toward minimalism, Apparel Search recognizes that clean lines, structure, and sharp-edged angles are being incorporated into many of today's fashions. Designers are drawing inspiration from the simple, modern style that is associated with architecture.

On the design front, form and texture have become key areas of focus. It's also interesting to note that many of the color palettes being shown for Fall/winter mirror the colors associated with the city. Apparel Search recognizes a palette of grays, which may have been influenced by the sleek buildings, and lots of blackā€”the color of asphalt. These colors are often contrasted by blue, which may have drawn inspiration from the color of the sky.

Yeohlee's Spring 2008 collection highlighted clean, crisp looks in a palette of soft gray and ivory. Angles, a key element throughout the collection, added a dramatic edge to sleeves and skirt hems. Angular cuts also showed up on stylish poncho-type over-garments.

Yeohlee's Fall 2008 Ready-to-wear collection also incorporated geometrics and angles. A darker palette of blue, black, and gray brought a sophisticated, urban edge. Clean and understated, the collection highlighted form and geometry. Looks ranged from angular, almost bat-like sleeves on ponchos to shimmery metallic dresses that were quite simple in form. Several pieces highlighted bold geometrics in a palette of gray and black.

Calvin Klein's Fall 2008 Ready-to-wear collection also reflected structural design influences. Clean, sharp lines dominated the collection, which consisted mainly of gray and black hues. Styles included an angular A-line dress with a very futuristic Jetsons-like flair and an asymmetrical dress that made quite a statement with its sharp, angular one-sleeve design.

Design duo Viktor & Rolf also showed a palette of gray and black for Fall/winter. Models sashayed down the runway in stark, minimalist looks. Even their boots reflected a strong architectural influence that was also futuristic. Pants were pleated (another nod to straight lines and form) and embellished with metallic accents. Again, minimalism was key.

Architecture's inspiration is certainly not limited to apparel. Even renowned architects such as Frank Gehry have brought their designs into fashion. Several years ago, Gehry collaborated with Tiffany & Co. to launch a jewelry collection that reflects the simplicity of his minimalist designs. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are part of the upscale line, which has a contemporary edge. Pieces range from the clean, elegant, and modern Torque bangle to the Flux earrings, which are simple, organic, and thoroughly modern.

By Regina Cooper

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