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What are crewneck shirts?  Also spelled on occasion as two words “crew neck”.

A crew neck is a type of shirt or sweater that has a round neckline and no collar.  The T-shirt crew neck was developed in 1932 as an undergarment that would absorb sweat.  The crewneck tee is often worn by athletes under uniforms or as a uniform for sports.

Crew Neck

A crewneck t-shirt is often worn with other layers.  For example, a t-shirt being worn under a long sleeve flannel shirt.  Light weight crew neck t-shirts are often worn under a businessmen’s dress shirt.

Although crew necks are very common for t-shirts, they also are used with other types of tops such as sweatshirts and sweaters.  This type of round neckline is used on both short sleeve & long sleeve varieties.

Crew Neck Tank Top

This construction of neckline can also be used on raglan shirts and ringer tees.

See examples of this type of shirt:


Nordstrom Crewneck Shirts

men's crew neck shirts

Crew neck t-shirts can be made in various fiber contents and fabric constructions.  They are commonly made in 100% cotton, polyester, spandex, blends, etc.  This category of shirt styling can be made in either natural fiber or synthetic fibers.

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In summary, crew necks are a close-fitting round neckline on a sweater, T-shirt, or other type of top.  It is regarding the neckline of the top.

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