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What is an application?

We are not talking about an application to find a job in the fashion.  You may have heard people talking about using an application or an app. But what exactly does that mean? An app is a type of software that allows you to perform specific tasks.  When you open an application, it runs inside the operating system until you close it.

What is a desktop app?

A desktop application is an application that runs stand alone in a desktop or laptop computer.  Contrast with "Web-based application," which requires the Web browser to run.  The term may also be used to contrast desktop applications with mobile applications that run in smartphones and tablets.   Applications for desktop or laptop computers are sometimes called desktop applications, and those for mobile devices are called mobile apps.  Users of technology often reference apps as either “desktop apps” or “mobile apps” to distinguish which type of device is appropriate for the specific application.

What are fashion desktop apps?

A fashion desktop application is an app that is designed for the desktop that is relevant to clothing, footwear, or fashion accessories.

There are countless desktop applications out there, and they fall into many different categories. Some are more full-featured (like Microsoft Word), while others may only do one or two things (like gadgets).  Unfortunately, we don’t think that there are enough dedicated directly to shoes, clothing and accessories.

The days of declaring "I don't have a thing to wear" can virtually be over.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a desktop application that helps users find an outfit for any occasion by starting within their own closets.  Shouldn’t there be a desktop app for this?

If you know of any fantastic apps run on desktop computing, please let us know for possible inclusion on this page.

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